Our Science Lounge

STEAM Kids ClubWith a unprecedent demand for new innovators, our sicence program is designed to encourage children to engage in activities that require them to think critcally and allow them to explore new problems that need solving.

Science is not just about knowledge and process but the understanding and discovery of the way things work. From the universe to robotics, science paves the way for our future generations and most importantly our children.

Our approach is hands-on with our lessons designed to be flexible and meet national education standards. We want our students to be inspired by the excitment of our hands-on STEM learning experience.

Here at STEAM kids club we provide the tools to inspire the problem solvers of tomorrow.

Children will discover how crystels are made, how planets climate system works, investigate wind and ocean currents and even model earths atmosphere along with many more interactive experiences.

Australian Vex Robotic Provider

VEX is a world leader in providing equipment, kits and programs that promote STEAM learning. Our teachers will commonly incorporate robotics as it explores all areas of the STEAM learning framework. Kids will get to explore the magic of science right before their very eyes and watch on as their newely built creations carry out set tasks.

Why does hands-on work

When kids get their hands on exciting projects, it can inspire them to learn. The learning pyramid shows that people learn about 5% through hearing, 10% by reading it, 30% by seeing a demonstration but a huge 75% by doing it themselves.